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CND Rocks London Fashion Week!

We absolutely had to show some CND fashion week love, we are crazy about the dangling nail charms and secretly praying this means they're making a comeback!

CND (Creative Nail Design), also has an incredible backstage presence at all of the fashion weeks. In fact it's founder Jan Arnold could very well be accredited for putting nails backstage and at the forefront of every designers mind when considering their overall presentation, They were doing long before anyone else.

Check out CND's 15 years runway nail fashions here.

Minx - London Fashion Week F/W 2012

You know we drink the Minx kool-aide religiously over here, however we won't try and front about these Sushi Minx. Minx nails in a way that only Marian Newman and Fred Butler could do them.  They are amazing from a technical and execution standpoint. However, sushi nail? We'll pass.

Photos by: Mark Molloy


Nails were far more sleek and regal over at David Koma. With gray and blacks and reds and purples. Minx used a unique layering technique to achieve the combination of a bare nail and then the glossy colors.  At first glance we thought of Tiger's-eye, remember that?

Photos by: Becky Maynes

Minx - Answering the Call for Vivienne Westwood at London and Paris Fashion Weeks

We LOVE that Minx never backs down from a challenge.  When Vivienne Westwood requested "skate board Minx".  Minx's co-founders Janice and Dawn went to work.  What they accomplished was nothing short of spectacular, a Minx with the look and feel of a skateboard!  In addition to the cutting edge customized Minx, nail veteran Marian Newman and her special team of techs hand applied tattoos to the model's hands, fingers and toes. 

Photos by: Becky Maynes


Over in Paris the team switched gears from Glam Rock to Glam Chic with sass and gloss!

Photos by: Philippe Ardouin 

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